Does your corporate culture motivate your employees to deliver on your brand's promise of quality, value, and service?

Strategic & Consulting Services

Obsessed with helping organizations become strong from top to bottom and from inside out.

Our integrated approach to your mission, vision, values, organizational culture, employee engagement, processes, training, and productivity, helps us create meaningful strategies. This ensures your marketing message gets executed and authentically shared from the top of your company, across and down through the ranks, and out into the streets where your customer will hear, see and experience exactly what you stand for. In other words, we want to be sure that who you say you are, what you say you can do, and what you do, are all aligned and consistent because that's what creates amazing customer experiences.

Marketing and Business Development
Many companies although not eager to throw money at marketing and advertising initiatives in the hopes of increasing business, do so anyway without understanding their unique value proposition, nor fully understanding who their optimal customers are, what type of relationship they want to have with them, how to best communicate to and with them, and how to sell or deliver their products or services to them. Before we suggest ways for you to spend money on that fun and creative stuff, we work with you, to bring clearly defined answers and solutions to those questions.

Deep Dive Days
Deep Dive Days provides us an opportunity to work with you a day at a time, to delve into any area of your business to consult on planning, solving, creating, strategizing, or even acting upon the outcomes and opportunities for improvement identified in your Blind Spot Review. Our role during these collaborative days is to provide expertise, perspective, guidance, and a whole lot of creative problem-solving.
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Blind Spot Review
We’ve created an online employee survey tool that is prepopulated with SMART questions, across six essential pillars of your organization. The results instantly show what needs fixing, where the repairs need to happen, and what requires priority attention.
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DISC Behavioral Assessments and Communications Training
Knowledge is learned through school and company manuals, but wisdom is learned through experience. Experiences only happen through situations and people cause situations. Therefore, if you want to develop leaders, have them learn people.

DISC personality assessments help participants identify what their behavioral style is, distinguish the behavioral styles of others, discover when and why behavioral styles can change, understand how others may perceive them, understand how others process information and make decisions, and appreciate and better understand the needs of their clients, leaders, and peers.

Team Building Days
A selection of team building activities specially designed for your organization’s unique needs that enhance communication, collaboration, trust, and problem-solving skills. These activities help teams and individuals have greater appreciation and respect for those they work with and for.

Customer Service Processes and Training
Our goal is to help you deliver amazing customer experiences that drive customer loyalty. We do this by creating customized processes and training that teach your team how to better manage and deliver information and knowledge, resolve complains and conflicts, communicate effectively in person, by phone, email, and web conferencing, as well as how to recognize new opportunities.

Sales Processes and Training
We design sales processes, practices and disciplines so that when a client decides to try your company, you're able to consistently deliver on your brand's promise of quality, value, service, results and integrity. Our approach to developing sales processes and training will help your company gain new market share and further grow existing markets based on your specific business model, not your competitor’s. Without a specific sales process, your customers may stumble through your offerings, but with clear direction, you can move your prospects from inquiry, to proposal to purchase.

The Fish Tank
We’ve created an all-in-one sales, CRM, and small business management tool designed to help you confidently understand your business quicker and easier. It’s like having sales, marketing, project management, and administrative help all at once. The real-time reports show you exactly what you are doing well and where improvements need to be made in your sales process.
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