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Kind Words

Sherri Munro and Ann Bradt, Co-Founders

Capital Ready

Athena very quickly sizes up the situation. We worked side-by-side with her for an intensive 2 days, and the experience completely set us up to launch Capital Ready, a solution that will position companies for growth. She asks very curious questions, brings great wisdom to the conversation, and understands what it takes to make that impactful first impression. As we worked through some of the detail she and her company, Little Fish Big Pond challenged us to focus on our key market needs, positioning, and the best way for us to differentiate ourselves and our business.

We continue to work with Athena, and know that her insights and recommendations are strategic and customized specifically to what we need.

We would recommend Athena if you are looking to truly think about your business differently, and to achieve extraordinary results.

Corina Walsh, President

Shift People Development

Thanks to Athena and her coaching I now feel like I am running my business instead of my business running me! I can't remember the last time I was this excited about my business or had this much clarity. Every minute of our 'deep dive' day was full of value. We came up with new ideas and approaches that will help me grow my business with ease. The monthly coaching sessions gave me the ongoing support I needed to maintain my momentum!

Gloria Scheerer, President

Clearly Spoken Inc.

Little Fish Big Pond, aka Athena, has been a blessing in disguise. I met her at a conference and we clicked right away. She is an inspiration, has absolutely wonderful ideas, and shows she cares about you and your business. Anyone looking for a great website creator, a sounding board, or just plain old fashioned conversation, Athena's your go-to person. A terrific listener, she takes your ideas, concerns, visions and makes everything better and works hard to have your dreams realized. I am so proud to have made Athena's acquaintance!

Ariadna Randall and Shannon Tobin, Co-Founders

The Vitality Group Ltd.

Spending the day with Athena was an empowering experience for us at Vitality Group. We immediately understood the importance on spending the entire day with her working on our strategy plan, as opposed to a couple of hours over a few days. The nonstop stop and start approach to building our strategy helped us keep attentive, and motivated. Athena made us feel comfortable the entire day, in addition, her experience in her work allows her to share constructive feedback in a very professional and open manner. Her attention to detail in getting to know us individually, and as business partners was an incredible asset to the consulting we received.

Neil McRuer, President

MedThree Insurance Group

It was a great pleasure working with Little Fish big Pond Inc. They were able to capture what our company stands for in the re-design of our website. They were given the go ahead to use their creativity and they did not disappoint. We couldn't have been happier with their service and the end-result.

William A. Krever, President and CEO

Better Living Health and Community Services

Better Living Health and Community Services hired Athena's services to help us redesign our client intake process and corporate marketing strategy. Athena provided great leadership and training to our permanent Marketing Director in redeveloping all of our client intake systems to align them with our marketing strategies. This work included developing a system for monitoring and evaluating marketing activities. Her approach to marketing is both refreshing and rewarding

Andrew MacDonald, Director of Marketing and Strategic Initiatives

Opportunity International Canada

Athena is one of the most genuine people I have ever had the pleasure of getting to meet. She cares for all of her clients in a very personal and thoughtful way that comes straight from her heart. Her passion to see her clients reach their greatest potential is matched generously by her compassion towards entrepreneurs all over the world that she supports through Opportunity International.

As our host speaker at a recent fundraising event, Athena warmly set the stage and prepared the hearts and minds of the audience as she shared her personal story and affinity for Opportunity International. The audience was immediately captivated and engaged for the presentation, eager to hear more about this organization that Athena was so obviously passionate about.

David Foy, President

Agency 59

She has a proven ability to develop successful, results-driven work. Her clear and direct communication style, along with her customer insight-knowledge, consistently delivered great work and a great partnership with our agency. She brings an excellent balance of strategic thinking and creativity to every project. I have witnessed her ability to critically look at all elements of a campaign and encourage her team and partners to go even further in their efforts to strive for excellence. If there's one attribute that stands out for Athena, it is her work ethic. Regardless of the task, she will pursue it with passion and enthusiasm that's unequalled.

Shannon M. Tobin, CEO and Founder

Dare To Be You Foundation

Attentive to your business needs, bold but genuine, is how I would best describe Athena. She has an incredible way of guiding you along the way but empowers you to find the solutions you need to take the necessary steps towards greater success. If you're teachable and have the desire and willingness to grow your business, I highly recommend you hire Athena.

John Sawyer, President

Oakville Chamber of Commerce

Athena delivered one of the most memorable and creative presentations I have seen at a Chamber event. Her ability to engage the audience without using Power Point was remarkable and is something I wish everyone could experience. Can't wait to hear her again!

Julie Pehar, Partner

Equity Vision Consulting

Athena and Fort tackled my piece of work from the Region of Peel with confidence and an abundance of innovative and relevant ideas. We love our report! …and we thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work with Little Fish Big Pond. If you are looking for professionalism, loyalty, authenticity and a sense of humour, Little Fish Big Pond is your only choice.

David Stewart, Former President and COO

Performins Canada Inc.

In life making a good first impression is fundamental to building strong relationships. This could not be more true in business. Little Fish's commitment to excellence in branding was what helped us make that important first impression. Whether it was our business cards, Web page, or marketing material no consideration was left out to ensure that we made a great first impression. What separates Little Fish is the genuine desire to understand your value proposition and brand it in a way that is simple, elegant and innovative. I would wholeheartedly recommend Athena and her company for all your branding needs.

Sandy Richardson, President

Collaborative Strategy

Athena is an exceptional marketing and business development professional. She has been able to grasp the key issues and opportunities in my business and market while quickly developing a deep understanding of me as a person and what I want to achieve through my company. This skill has resulted in ideas and outputs that have challenged me yet accurately reflected what I want to communicate to the world. She is highly intuitive, very creative, and an absolute pleasure to work with. The material she has created for me is beautiful. She has, and continues to, add considerable value for the investment I have made and I am confident that our work together is going to translate into improved business outcomes for my company and me. Thank you Athena!

Jenna Bryant, Associate Director

Harbour Gallery

We are a small business and really depend on our outside suppliers as part of our team. A long-time friend and business associate recommended Athena to me when we needed a show catalogue made at the very last minute! Athena was great; she came into the gallery on a moment's notice and spent two hours with me going over the project. She was able to plug into our needs and brand requirements very quickly and by the time she left, we had a clear vision for the project. The final document was completed the next day, which was the fastest turnaround possible, and catalogue was perfect. We had great feedback from our clients and Athena and her team was really happy to do their best to meet our tight timeline, which we so appreciated. Their willingness to extend themselves on our behalf really differentiates their service from their competitors in the marketplace.

Jeff McRae, Managing Partner

Rosenswig McRae Thorpe LLP

We were referred to Athena of Little Fish Big Pond Inc. by a friend and client who told us how happy they were with her creativity and execution of their project. However, as accountants we are always a little skeptical, but it was because of our strong and trusting relationship with our client and Athena's ability to also gain our trust and confidence during initial meetings, that we hired her to develop our new website.

Our confidence in Athena grew immediately. She had the task of satisfying the 3 partners in our firm, each of whom had a variety of ideas on how best to execute our company's vision and in the early stages of strategic planning for the site, Athena listened carefully to what we had to say and then provided us with alternatives that demonstrated her keen understanding of our needs and our target market(s).

After a few well-organized and energetic onsite meetings, Little Fish Big Pond Inc., was able to produce an esthetically pleasing website that communicates our service offerings in an organized and effective manner. The execution was timely and of high quality.

We look forward to using Athena again on our future marketing efforts and recommend her and Little Fish highly.