Strategic services that drive results

Little Fish Big Pond Inc. believes that amazing customer experiences don't just happen during your transactions with your customers/clients, they are designed and woven into every part of your company, from top to bottom and from inside out.

We assess, strategize, consult, and train, in the areas of corporate culture, employee ambassadors, business models/processes, sales, customer service, marketing and communications.

We also foster innovation through SaaS custom software development, and design awesome digital and print solutions that support your company’s strategic plan.

Deep Dive Days
Intense consulting with on-the-spot impactful solutions
Deep Dive Days provides us an opportunity to work with you a day at a time, to delve into any area of your business to consult on planning, solving, creating, strategizing, or even acting upon the outcomes and opportunities for improvement identified in your Blind Spot Review. Our role during these collaborative days is to provide expertise, perspective, guidance, and a whole lot of creative problem-solving.
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Strategic & Consulting Services
Obsessed with helping organizations become strong from top to bottom and from inside out.
Our integrated approach to your mission, vision, values, organizational culture, employee engagement, processes, training, and productivity, helps us create meaningful strategies. This ensures your marketing message gets executed and authentically shared from the top of your company, across and down through the ranks, and out into the streets where your customer will hear, see and experience exactly what you stand for. In other words, we want to be sure that who you say you are, what you say you can do, and what you do, are all aligned and consistent because that's what creates amazing customer experiences.
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Creative & Digital Solutions
More than just beauty. Function and purpose intended in every creation.
We don’t design for the sole sake of making something look great. We really, truly, and wholly believe that what we design also has to be understandable, functional, inspiring, and helpful, not to mention speak to the intended audience in a way that’s meaningful to them, not in a way that’s meaningful to a bunch of designers, trying to out design each other. Otherwise, what’s the point! We create according to your business needs, your business model, your process, you brand experience, your mission, your vision, and your values. We create unique solutions for your business.
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Software Strategy & Development
Obsessed with helping organizations become strong from top to bottom and from inside out.

Developers need designers and designers need strategists. We are all three, starting with strategy every time. We create software solutions to solve problems or enhance workflows that are specific to your unique business and its processes. So, in this day of speed, as you look for software solutions to expedite and improve your business, you’ll soon discover that off-the-shelf products just don’t match how YOU do business. In these cases, custom software solutions are necessary to remain viable and profitable, and it’s not as expensive as you think.

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Giving Back
Using micro finance loans to create big social impact abroad
We are so privileged in the modern world to have access to financing and business development expertise that we can't imagine and economy without it. Well, there are places in the world that don't have the funds to support the development of an entrepreneur's dream, and for those, micro financing is their answer. We are proud to support Opportunity International.
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Our Products
Software we created to help you run smarter companies

An online employee survey tool that is prepopulated with SMART questions, across six essential pillars of your organization. The results instantly show what needs fixing, where the repairs need to happen, and what requires priority attention.

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An all-in-one sales, CRM, and small business management tool designed to help you confidently understand your business quicker and easier. It’s like having sales, marketing, project management, and administrative help all at once. The real-time reports show you exactly what you are doing well and where improvements need to be made in your sales process.

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