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Deep Dive Days

Intense consulting with on-the-spot impactful solutions

Deep Dive Days provides us an opportunity to work with you a day at a time, to delve into any area of your business to consult on planning, solving, creating, strategizing, or even acting upon the outcomes and opportunities for improvement identified in your Blind Spot Review. Our role in this collaborative day(s) is to provide expertise, perspective, guidance, and a whole lot of creative problem-solving.

Most SME's (small to medium sized enterprises) don't necessarily have a senior executive team with the expertise needed to execute on the company's strategy, nor the budget to hire a large consulting firm that runs on a very expensive long-term retainer that leaves you feeling that they have all the control. Our solution is our Deep Dive Days.

At Little Fish Big Pond Inc., we believe that all SME's deserve to have access to quality consulting in affordable bite size pieces that are impactful. We also believe that you are a key component to that process. That's why we work together with you a day at a time. You need to share your vision, talk about the challenges, what's worked and what hasn't in the past, and play an active role in planning next steps. In other words, we want you to have complete control of your company, get smarter doing so, and be accountable for it because that's the type of leadership that builds a culture that employees and customers can stand behind.

What's our role then you ask? Don't get us wrong; we're not waiting for you to discover the solutions, we bring you the solutions! We work with you as an active participant in planning, solving, creating, and strategizing, so that by the end of the day you have some concrete things to act upon to improve your business.

And why us you ask? Because we have over two decades of experience of working with Little Fish (SME's) just like us. We have amassed tons of knowledge, expertise, wisdom, and applicable experience. We don't want to boast too much, but we are awesome at intense consulting with on-the-spot solutions. At least, that's what our clients say.

We provide this service face-to-face if geography permits or in a face-to-face online environment.

How it works

During our initial time spent together, we will examine the current position of your company regarding the initiative of that day, discover what has and hasn't worked in the past, and what infrastructure is currently in place to support the desired result.

We then explore the different opportunities and solutions that we could use to create, plan, and execute, on your initiative, that align with your brand's message and your company's mission, vision, and values.

Now we strategize on how to include the solutions in such a way that connect, build, and support each pillar of your company (corporate culture, employee engagement/ambassadors, processes and training, sales and customer service, strategic planning, and marketing).

Once decisions are made, we begin to execute. We will work with you to create the list of what needs to be done. We can then continue to work on executing these items on subsequent deep dive days, or through our à la carte services.

Who it's for
  • It's for company owners that need an objective perspective when solving issues.
  • It's for company owners who want to build an organization that lives up to their mission, vision, and values.
  • It's for company owners who are faced with big changes and not so much time to do it in.
  • It's for company owners who want to stay in control.
  • It's for company owners who need fresh ideas and new business opportunities.
  • It's for companies who are expanding into new offerings or moving into new channels.
  • It's for companies who want to continue to innovate and push the envelope forward.

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