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The Blind Spot Review

An objective analysis that provides deep insights for improvement

The Blind Spot Review is a sophisticated and proprietary online data collection method, that surveys all your employees, and then aggregates the results into comparative data of your entire organization, as well as within each department of your company, revealing deep insights on how well your company is executing on corporate culture, employee engagement, processes and training, sales and customer service, strategy, and marketing.

It's different and better than anything else you've tried

Unlike other survey tools that provide an empty shell or a single pillar of questions across a linear approach to your company, which leaves you wondering how to apply the results, the Blind Spot Review, is a set of 42 proprietary questions across six pillars of your company. The results immediately show what areas need improvement, whether you know they exist or not, and recommendations on how to remedy them.

We are focused on helping companies improve their entire organization from top to bottom and from inside out. Otherwise, what's the sense of doing external surveys with your customers and discovering how they feel, if you haven't queried and fixed internally first?

...and if you think there is nothing that needs creating, fixing, improving up on, or even cleaned up, let us just ask:

Have you ever dropped something on the floor and saw dirt you had never seen before like the crud stuck on the kick-plate of your kitchen cupboards or the leg of the chair you never sit on except for the last guest who was too polite to say anything?

What about your beautiful angel of a child that can do no wrong that your neighbors, friends, and family avoid like the plague?

We are your neighbors, friends, family, and customer that will be honest with you. We are the ones who can see all the blind spots in an objective and kind way.

Let us shed light on your company's blind spots because what you don't know could be costing you a corporate culture that your people can stand behind, a productive, well-trained and happy team that has little turn-over, an abundance of sales, a mission, vision, and set of values that are consistent throughout every pillar of your company, and amazing experiences for your customers.

Your data is secure and confidential, and we don't sell the data to anyone!

How it works

Using our proprietary data collection tool, we survey all the members of the teams that make up your company, giving a complete bird's eye view of how each department/hierarchy feels about the total of 42 questions making up the six pillars of your company:

  • 1.   Corporate Culture
  • 2.   Employee Ambassadors / Engagement
  • 3.   Processes / Training
  • 4.   Sales / Customer Experience
  • 5.   Strategy
  • 6.   Marketing

We work with you if needed to help categorize your employees into the groups that make the most sense and will even input their emails addresses on your behalf if you'd like, giving you only one task to press “deploy”.

Each of your employees will then receive an email invitation to participate in your company's online, mandatory, yet anonymous survey that they can complete on their desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

We've even designed our system to send out reminders to those participants only who have not yet completed the survey, 72 and 24 hours before the completion due date.

Our algorithm then aggregates all the survey results into comparative data of how each department/hierarchy and the entire organization has responded to each pillar, easily and accurately identifying where the help is needed. Remember that numbers don't lie.

Our reports are beautiful. It firstly provides a pie chart of each pillar giving you an at-a-glance review of how each pillar stacks up.

Secondly it provides a detailed bar graph for each of the 42 questions across the six pillars. Each colorful bar graph shows how many employees (%) of each department/hierarchy has answered each question with either “strongly agree,” “somewhat agree,” “not certain,” “somewhat disagree,” or “strongly disagree.” Seeing the comparative data in each department/hierarchy and then how each department compares to each other, draws an accurate picture of your entire company from top to bottom and from inside out.

Thirdly is our written summary, supporting our findings and recommending what needs to be created, fixed, improved up on, or even cleaned up.

Here is your opportunity to implement the recommendations and if you like us enough, we can do the work to execute those recommendations. We can go it alone, but what we really like to do is work with you and your team. We believe that way; we can create a collaborative, responsive, and accountable team that drive results.

Who it's for
  • It’s for companies who want to change the status quo.
  • It’s for companies who are on the pursuit of organizational excellence.
  • It’s for companies who believe that delivering amazing customer experiences starts from within.
  • It’s for companies who are in the state of change, good or bad.
  • It’s for companies who are growing fast, as well as for those who aren’t growing and don’t know why.
  • It’s for companies who want to create cultures that inspire employees to deliver on their mission, vision, and values.

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