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Little Fish Big Pond
Strategic services that drive results

Little Fish Big Pond Inc. believes that amazing customer experiences, don't just happen during your transactions with your customers/clients, they are designed and woven into every part of your company, from top to bottom and from inside out.

Our job is to help SME's (small to medium sized enterprises) create cultures that inspire employees to become ambassadors who deliver on your brand's promise and provide processes and training that improve sales, customer service, and productivity. We also foster innovation through Saas custom software development and design awesome digital and print solutions that support your company's strategic plan.

Blind Spot Review
An objective analysis that provides deep insights for improvement
The Blind Spot Review is a sophisticated and proprietary online data collection method, that surveys all your employees, and then aggregates the results into comparative data of your entire organization, as well as within each department of your company, revealing deep insights on how well your company is executing on corporate culture, employee engagement, processes and training, sales and customer service, strategy, and marketing.
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Deep Dive Days
Intense consulting with on-the-spot impactful solutions
Deep Dive Days provides us an opportunity to work with you a day at a time, to delve into any area of your business to consult on planning, solving, creating, strategizing, or even acting upon the outcomes and opportunities for improvement identified in your Blind Spot Review. Our role in this collaborative day(s) is to provide expertise, perspective, guidance, and a whole lot of creative problem solving.
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Range of Services
À la carte offerings from consulting to design to custom digital solutions
Regardless of the service you choose, just know that our approach will always be to make sure that your story/mission gets authentically shared and executed from the top of your organization across and down through the ranks, and out into the streets where your customer will hear, see, and experience exactly what you stand for. In other words, we want to be sure that who you say you are, what you say you can do, and what you do, are all aligned and consistent because that's what creates amazing customer experiences.
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Our technology that helps SME's succeed

After a couple of decades of working with SME's (small to medium sized enterprises), we've learned that they are great at a lot of things, but not necessarily enjoy, have the time or have the expertise within their company to do all things well. Some companies are genius at working in their day to day details, but lack the time and data required to work on the company's vision and direction and vice versa. So, we wanted to create an on-line tool that helps them get good at all things. It's an all-in-one CRM and small business management tool that helps you and those within your company work ON and IN the business successfully, powerfully, completely, and simply.

The all-in-one CRM and small business management tool that you'll actually use. 

We've taken out all the fluff that no one uses, and give you only what you need, in the simplest, most efficient format.

Instead of going on a scavenger hunt trying to gather all your business intelligence from multiple tools, you can now access and manage your entire company with just one tool.

  • Activities and Scheduling
  • Client Demographics
  • Cash Flow at-a-Glance
  • Organizational Reporting Structures
  • Project Management
  • Sales Pipeline
  • Product/Service Categories
  • Marketing Email Function
  • Goal Setting and Tracking Tool
  • Real-time Reports at the Click of a Button

It's like having sales, marketing, operations, project management, and administrative help for just $40 a month.

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Our social commitment here and abroad

As a woman owned company, Little Fish Big Pond Inc. is committed to increasing the capacity of other women owned companies here and abroad. Through the Learning Pond training and fellowship, we provide business development education, and ongoing support and fellowship with like mined women business owners, and through Opportunity International, we provide financial assistance in the way of micro finance loans to budding women entrepreneurs in developing countries.

The Learning Pond
Education and support to increase the capacity of women owned companies
The Learning Pond is a live and interactive, geographically-boundless online group training and fellowship. It specializes in increasing the capacity of women owned companies through the theory and practical application of topics like: learning to work in and on your business simultaneously and successfully, strategic growth and business development, business models and processes, corporate culture and employee ambassadors, DISC behavioral profiles, sales training and pipelines, customer/client services processes and training, and markerting and advtertising.
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Giving Back
Using micro finance loans to create big social impact abroad
We are so privileged in the modern world to have access to financing and business development expertise that we can't imagine and economy without it. Well, there are places in the world that don't have the funds to support the development of an entrepreneur's dream, and for those, micro financing is their answer. We are proud to support Opportunity International.
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